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Accio Roleplay

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Welcome to Accio Roleplay, a Harry Potter community dedicated to easy-come, easy-go, non-committal RPing! Here, we try to create a friendly environment in which you can stretch your RPing skills (may you be a seasoned veteran of many years or a newbie who has never even looked at an RP), and you aren’t bound to anything at all! We accept all ranges of Harry Potter characters, any form of RP pairing situation (het, slash, gen), all ratings, and all storylines.

All in all, just let your imagination run wild and GO PLAY!

Non-RP Posts - There’s nothing particularly special to say about these posts. Feel free to look for RP partners, suggest ideas, discuss, pimp your RP, and anything else that relates to HP RPing! If your post is particularly long or graphic heavy, please put it under a cut! This serves as a courtesy to others and keeps the community from looking horribly messy.

    RP Posts - These can fall under two categories: open or closed RP.
  • Open RPing is obviously where anyone and any number of people can reply. (You can, of course, be more specific if you so wish.) These are good if you just want to get right down to the RPing and are willing to take anything and everything you get. Expect the unexpected!
  • Closed RPing is more private. This involves a definite cast of characters with certain RPers playing them. These are a bit easier to control, but may require some more effort on your part to pull together.
  • When posting please use this format:
    Status: (Open/closed)
    Characters and their RPers: (If open, just state whom you wish to be.)
    Prompt: (Place this under a lj-cut.)

RPing is a wonderful way to bring people together, and we hope that during your stay here that you’ll be able to make a few new acquaintances, if not friends. So make an introductory post and say hello! If you have a spare moment, try filling out this short survey. The mod will archive it to the memories, and the information can be later used for RP partner searching and the like. Feel free to fill out as much or as little of the survey as you wish. If you do, please put it under an LJ-cut so we’re not spamming people’s f-lists with information and the like. Thanks!

  • Name/Handle:
  • Highest Rating You’re Willing to Write: (G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17*)
  • Het, Slash, Gen: (Any one or a combination of them)
  • Preferred Character(s) to Play: (In order of preference)
  • Preferred Character(s) to Play With: (In order of preference)
  • Preferred Pairing(s):
  • Contact Information:
  • Small Writing Sample:

*Please note that to read/write anything rated NC-17, you must be of age in your country or province. We don’t want to have to hunt you down to make sure if you are or aren’t. Read and write responsibly!

Your mod is sakurahoshi. Feel free to pester her with any questions, suggestions, or whatever else! You may reach her at sakurahoshi@livejournal.com.